Having trouble? Need Supplies? We can help!

Basic Troubleshooting:

Before you call try this helpful set of troubleshooting tips!

For Service Requests:

Getting Service is simple. Just fill out the form and submit. We review each request and will either call you to help resolve your issue over the phone or dispatch a technician. Most service calls are attended to within a 4 hour window.

For Supplies:

Please fill out the form and upload your status page. Supply orders are normally sent within one business day of submission.

Remote Support:

Please call us at 301-840-0050 to schedule remote support or initiate a connection. After entering your name, a space then, your company name, please enter the provided support key. Run the program and accept all warnings.

Helpful Videos

Kyocera has a YouTube Channel with some very helpful and informative videos featuring everything from copier features to how to add toner for certain models.