Here you can find some quick and easy solutions for day to day issues that can affect your productivity. Most problems can be fixed in less than 5 minutes. Here are some of the issues that are most common.

Lines on output:

Lines can appear for a number of reasons. Most of the time, lines are caused by debris on the "Slit" or "Scanning glass. This can be easily cleaned with a very light amount of either: glass cleaner or water on a clean paper-towel or glass cleaning rag. In some cases the debris will need to be scraped off using a fingernail through the paper towel or rag. The "Slit" glass is located to the left of the larger glass or "Platen" underneath the document feeder. For models with single pass scanning and lines on the backside of your 2 sided output: The scanner is located in the feeder underneath the misfeed access cover. You will see a large lamp covered by glass when the top feeder cover is all the way open. This should be cleaned in the same manor as the "Slit" glass. If you need help, please, give us a call at 301-840-0050 and we will be happy to assist you.





The line at the bottom of this image is an example of a color scanned image with a marker blot on the "Slit" glass. Notice the line starts and stops BEFORE the ends of the sides of the page. This is a typical example of this issue. A line that goes to the very ends of the page sides will be caused by an internal error with the machine and should be attended to by a qualified technician.


Jamming, Skewed Output and, Creasing

Paper is one of the most overlooked causes of copier problems. "Paper is just paper right?" That is not entirely correct. Paper comes in many different styles, grades and, types of quality. Your machine has many settings you can use to customize for your particular type of paper but, the quality of that stock matters and can cause problems instantly or over time. Paying less for paper now can wind up costing you time and productivity later down the road. Always make sure your paper is in it's best condition possible. If the paper is cold or damp to the touch, the quality of the print on it will suffer as the paper is more than likely waterlogged. This can also cause problems with jamming as more supple papers have a tendency to misfeed.   


Pictured here is skewed output from paper tray guides being improperly aligned. Paper tray guides not being correctly set make up for 60% of all jamming service calls. 


In this situation, creasing and jamming are also a potential issue. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, please check your paper trays and ensure all guides are touching all sides of the paper. Please check that the correct size loaded is displayed on the screen as well. 

bad cassette

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